Plain text files (TXT)

Use this filter to import plain text documents that don't have an internal structure.

Don't use this filter if the imported document has any kind of structure.

  • To import text files that contain a table: Use the Multilingual delimited text filter.
  • To import text files that have a structure that distinguishes between paragraphs - or it has fields, field names, maybe mixed with tabular data: Use the Regex text filter. This may need some advanced knowledge about regular expressions.

How to get here

  1. Start importing a plain-text file.
  2. In the Document import options window, select the plain-text files, and click Change filter and configuration.
  3. The Document import settings window appears. From the Filter drop-down list, choose Plain text filter.


What can you do?

Choose the encoding of the file. Normally, memoQ assumes it's UTF-8. In the Select encoding list, choose the encoding you need. Check the Preview box to see if all the characters appear correctly.

When you finish

In the Document import options window: Click OK again to start importing the documents.

  • If this is a cascading filter, you can change the settings of another filter in the chain: Click the name of the filter at the top of the window.