Extract candidates

memoQ can extract possible terms from documents, translation memories, and LiveDocs corpora.

You may need this when you prepare a project for translation, or when you need to build a term base as part of a project.

In this window, you can tell memoQ how to extract possible terms from your source documents, LiveDocs corpora, or translation memories.

memoQ processes the text and gives you a list of candidates - possible terms. There may be a lot of garbage in the list: You may need to clean it up, filter, and edit it - and confirm "true" terms before you can add those to a term base. After the extraction runs, memoQ opens the candidate list editor where you can do all this.

You can also make the list of candidates available for lookup as a term base.

You need a local project to run term extraction.

How to get here

  1. Create or open a project.

    Add text before you run term extraction: the project needs to have the text to process. The text can be in project documents, translation memories, or LiveDocs corpora.

  2. In the project, import the documents, or add the translation memories and LiveDocs corpora you need.

    memoQ can use existing term bases to help with term extraction: Before you run term extraction, add those term bases to the project, too.

  3. On the Preparation ribbon, click the Extract Terms icon. The Extract candidates window opens.

If this is not the first time you run term extraction in this project: The Extract terms window opens first. If you're sure you need to run a new round of term extraction, click Start new session. To learn more, see the Help page about the Extract terms window.


What can you do?

When you finish

To start extracting candidates: Click OK.

When memoQ finishes extracting candidates: The candidate list editor opens on a new document tab.

To return to Project home or to the translation editor, or to the Extract terms window, and not extract candidates: Click Cancel.