View pane

The View pane is part of the translation editor in memoQwebtrans. Normally, it appears under the translation grid. Most of the time, the View pane shows a formatted preview of the document you are working on. However, the View pane can show three more types of information:

  • Warnings and feedback from reviewers - the latter will appear only if linguistic quality assurance (LQA) is turned on for the project.
  • Comments for the current row
  • Change history of the current row, where you can see who edited the row, and when and how

Sometimes the formatted preview is not available: This depends on the format of the original source document as well as on the settings of the project. However, the other types of information will always be available.

How to get here

  1. Open memoQwebtrans in a web browser.
  2. Open a document for translation. To learn more: See Help about the translation editor.
  3. If the View pane does not appear, click the View pane mqw-icon-viewpane icon at the top of the translation editor page:


The View pane appears with the formatted preview of the document:


If the formatted preview is not available, a message will say so in the View pane.

What can you do?

When you finish

If you do not need the View pane any more - but you want to stay in the translation editor -, click the View pane mqw-icon-viewpane icon at the top of the page. This will hide the View pane.