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If you use the customer portal to receive translation work directly from your customers, you need to tell memoQweb about these customers.

Each customer uses one or more of your services. A service defines source and target languages, workflows and topics - the details of a memoQ project. Before you add a service, set up a project template on your memoQ TMS.

Do this in the memoQ desktop app: Create and edit templates on the Resource console.

Once you have the templates you need, you can add the services to your memoQweb configuration on the CP services page.

You can provide the same service to several customers: A service is not just tied to one customer.

Caution: Through the customer portal, organizations can send in work that gets processed automatically. Make sure you offer this opportunity to trusted customers only, and you negotiate very clear terms and conditions for providing services through the customer portal.

How to get here

  1. Sign in to memoQweb as an administrator.
  2. On the left sidebar, click the Admin icon.
  3. On the Administration screen, under customer portal, click the Services tile. The CP - Services page opens.


What can you do?

  • Add a new service: At the top right, click Add service. The Add service page opens.
  • Find a service: Type a part of the service's name in the Search box above the list. Press Enter.
  • Modify details of a service: Click the service's name. The Edit service page opens. You can choose another project template or change available workflows for the service.
  • Delete a service: In the service's row, click the Delete icon-delete icon.

    Caution: When you delete a service, projects created from that service will remain in the system. Do not delete services that still have ongoing projects.

When you finish

  1. On the CP customers page, assign services to each customer.
  2. On the Edit customer page, add at least one contact person for each customer.
  3. Assign at least one project manager to each customer. If necessary, return to the CP customers page, and edit customers without project managers.