Resources > Translation memories > Clone

You can create a new translation memory with using the settings from an existing one. memoQWeb copies all the existing TM's settings (except the source and target languages), and you can change them as needed.

How to get here

  1. Sign in to memoQWeb as an administrator or a project manager.
  2. On the left sidebar, click the Resources Resources icon. icon.
  3. On the Resources page, click the Translation memories icon.
  4. On the Translation memories page, find the TM you need to clone. In the TM's row, click the More options icon. In the menu, click Clone. The Resources > Translation memories > Clone page opens.

What can you do?

This page is the same as Resources > Translation memories > Create. Review the settings, and change them as needed.

When you finish

To create the TM with the above settings, and return to the Translation memories page: Click the Create translation memory button.

To return to the Translation memories page, and not create a TM: Click the Cancel link.