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There are several ways to add new resources to a project.

To create and add a new item of any resource type to your project, clicking New or an import option for the corresponding resource ribbon tab (Translation memories, Term  bases, LiveDocs, Muses or QA settings, Ignore lists in the Settings pane).

Translation memories and term bases can also be added by registering them from a local location. Click Register Local on the Translation memories ribbon tab or the Term bases ribbon tab of Project home to add resources this way. Click Synchronize Offline to add a remote translation memory or term base to your project for temporary offline use.

Light resources can also be added by cloning another resource that is available for the project. Cloning means that you copy the content of a local or remote light resource into another one. To use this feature, click Clone/use new under the list view of the respective light resource pane.

See also:

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