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The Edit non-translatable list dialog allows you to make changes to the selected set of non-translation rules. You can also edit remote sets of non-translation rules if you have sufficient privileges, however, one set may only be edited by one person at a time.


How to begin

You can invoke the Edit non-translatable list dialog from the Non-translatable lists category of the Settings pane in Project home or the Non-translation rules pane of the Resource console, by selecting the set you wish to edit, and clicking the Edit command.


The pane contains a list showing the existing non-translatable phrases and a text field that is used to enter new non-translatable phrases or modify the existing ones.

Add: Click this command to add a non-translatable phrase after entering the expression to the appropriate field.

Change: Click this command to modify a non-translatable phrase after selecting it in the list view and editing it in the text field below.

Remove: Click this command to remove a non-translatable phrase after selecting it in the list view.

Note: The list of non-translation rules is empty by default.


Click OK to close the dialog, saving all changes made. Clicking Cancel will close the dialog without saving changes.