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The Edit QA settings dialog allows you to make changes to the selected set of QA settings. You can also edit remote QA settings if you have sufficient privileges, however, one group of settings may only be edited by one person at a time. It is important that you cannot edit the default set of QA settings; first you have to clone it and then you can edit the cloned copy.

How to begin

You can invoke the Edit QA settings dialog from the Settings pane of Project home or the QA settings pane of the Resource console, by selecting the set you wish to edit and clicking the Edit command.


The QA configuration pane consists of eight tabs: Segments and terms, Consistency, Numbers, Punctuation, Spelling and grammar, Inline tags, Length, and Regex. The tabs contain settings for individual checks.

Segments and terms tab

Consistency tab

Numbers tab

Punctuation tab

Spelling and grammar tab

Inline tags tab


Length tab


Regex tab


Click OK to save changes and close the dialog. Click Cancel to leave the dialog without saving changes.