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memoQ can handle local resources that are located on the local computer and remote resources that are located on a memoQ server.

Remote resources can be managed from the Resource console or the Translation memories, Term bases and Settings panes of Project home.

Listing the remote resources

memoQ lists all remote resources available to you on the server you are logged into. Select the server using the Server URL box. After you authenticate yourself, memoQ will remember the login/password combination. To change this, select Manage logins from the Resource console or on the Project ribbon tab, and delete or change your user.

memoQ lists all remote, offline synchronized, local and pinned remote resources in one list. Using memoQ you can work with different servers. If you want to use resources from different servers, make memoQ remember this item by pinning it. You can pin a resource in the Resource console by clicking in the first column of the list. Only published resources can be pinned. If a resource is unpublished, publish it by clicking this icon: .

Working with remote resources

Working with remote resources is identical to working with local resources. In Project home, just include the selected resources in the project by clicking on the check box in the first column.

Offline synchronization

memoQ can create a local copy of a remote resource and use it while you are not connected to the internet. This is different for heavy resources (translation memories, term bases) and light resources.

If you want to synchronize heavy resources, you need to enable offline synchronization. Offline synchronization is enabled by default. You can enable or disable it under Resource console > Set permissions. Click Synchronize offline to create an offline copy of a remote heavy resource. Include the offline synchronized copy of this resource in your project and work with it. Every time you get connected to the internet, select the resource and click Synchronize offline again. When you no longer need this resource synchronized, simply unpin the offline copy.

Note: When you have no longer access to the heavy resources, they are highlighted in pink in Project home > Translation memories, Term bases or LiveDocs.

Light resources are automatically synchronized when you first use them. When you work offline, you can use the local project with remote resources too. The light resources available locally are marked with the icon. When you are working offline, you cannot change the contents of these light resources. If you want to make sure that all remote resources you work with are available offline too, go to the memoQ application menu, then choose Resources > Update Remote Resources.