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The User properties dialog allows to enter details of a new user on the memoQ server or change details of an existing user.

How to begin

On the Project ribbon tab, click Server Administrator, and connect to your server. Click the User management category, then, below the user list, click Add, or select a user, and click Edit.


The User properties dialog contains two sections – User information and a lower part with the Group membership and the Language pairs tab.

Note: If you are a subvendor group manager, you cannot modify the group membership of a user. The Group membership tab is disabled if you open the User properties dialog from the subvendor group view of the Server Administrator.

User information: In this section, you need to fill in all personal details:

User name: Use this field to enter/modify the user name used for logging the given user to the server. The user needs to specify this name whenever prompted by the server.

Password: Use this field to enter/modify the password used for logging the given user to the server. The user needs to enter this password whenever prompted by the server. The password must contain at least 12 characters, must not start or end with whitespace characters, must not contain the user name, and must contain at least one letter from the three of the following categories: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, other symbols.

Password again: Use this field to retype the password to avoid typos (a typo in the password means that the password will be practically useless). Contents of this field must match that of the Password field.

Full name: Use this field to enter the real-life name of the user. It is for information purposes only.

Address: Use this field to enter the surface mail address of the user. It is for information purposes only.

E-mail: Use this field to enter the e-mail address of the user. Currently it is for information purposes only – reserved for the team management purposes in later versions of memoQ.

Phone number: Use this field to enter the normal (office) phone number of the user. It is for information purposes only.

Mobile number: Use this field to enter the mobile phone (cell phone) number of the user. It is for information purposes only.

Package workflow: Use this drop-down list to specify the package workflow. You need to set a package workflow for a user in order to use a packaged-based workflow in online projects. Choose from online (no packages), both, or packages only. If you set it to Both, the user can either download the package or check out the package. If you set it to online (no packages), the user cannot check out packages, he can work only work on online projects, and check out online projects, but no packages. If you set it to packages only, the user can import packages as he does for Handoff packages created from a local project; he can check out packages from your memoQ server, but  he cannot check out an online project.

Login disabled: Check this check box to temporarily disable the user.

memoQ validates your entries: if incorrect details are given (e.g. the e-mail address is not well-formed, or the Password and Password again fields do not match), a warning sign will appear next to the field where the problem occurred.

memoQWeb section: In this section, you have 2 option for memoQWeb (if you use this module): User can edit information and User can edit language properties. Both options are disabled by default. You need to be in the Administrators group to enable both options. In memoQWeb, the user can log in and navigate to the Profile page. Here he now can edit the following user properties: full name, e-mail, address, phone number, mobile phone, password and the language pairs.

Group membership tab

Note: If you are creating a new user as a subvendor group manager, the Group membership tab is disabled.

This table contains a list of all groups that the user can belong to.

Add: Click this link to add the user to another group. The Select groups dialog opens. Select one or more groups from the list, and click OK.

Remove: Click this link to remove the user from a selected group.

Language pairs tab

In this tab, you can register the language pairs that the user works with.

To add a language pair, select a language in each of the drop-down lists below the table. The first drop-down box is for the source language, and the second drop-down box allows you to select the target language. After selecting the two languages, click Add.

To remove a language pair from the list, click an item in the list, and click Remove.


With individual resources, memoQ uses resource-based security. You can control access to individual resources by specifying who can access each resource and what operations they are able to perform on the resource. To simplify access control management, memoQ supports groups. A group is a means to treat multiple users together. You can restrict access to users or groups. Adding a user to a group is much simpler than changing the permissions. It is recommended to use groups instead of single users, as it simplifies security management.


To finish adding the user, or update properties of an existing user, click OK. Click Cancel to return to the Server administrator without adding a user or updating the details.