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You can set up a reviewing chain in the project manager edition of memoQ. To set up a reviewing chain, you simply need to assign each document to a user in each role. The Translations pane provides for this:

To make offline project assignments (in a local project), you can type any name next to a document name in all three columns. Once the assignments are made, you can start creating the handoff packages for each user in each role. You (the person in the project manager role) will send the handoff packages and receive the delivery packages.

To make assignments in online projects, you need to choose from the drop-down list next to each document name in all three columns. This list is compiled of users who are both defined on your memoQ server and also added to the project team. To add users to your project, use the People pane. To create new  users on the memoQ server, open the User Management category from Server administrator, available from the Project ribbon tab. Once the assignments are made, the memoQ server notifies the next user in the chain when the previous user finishes (if e-mail notifications are properly set up), and keeps track of the progress.