The Online tasks tab lists every project you participate in, and every document that is assigned to you in the current task and language combination. You can use the Online tasks tab to open a document for translation or deliver a document.


How to begin

The Online tasks tab automatically appears when you sign in.

memoQWeb displays the tasks in the following order:

tasks with missed deadlines (ordered by deadlines ascending and document name ascending);

other tasks (ordered by deadlines descending and document name ascending).

A missed deadline has a red bar on the left side of the task. Each task keeps its original background color according to its state of Work in progress, Upcoming tasks and Not yet in my workflow.

Documents to accept or reject: If you were assigned documents in a group where you need to accept or reject the work, another list appears at the top of the task list. When this happens, the first person to accept a document will get it, and it will go away from the task list of the other users. This is called FirstAccept. To learn more, see Using FirstAccept in WebTrans.


The Online tasks tab lists every project you participate in. Use the arrow to expand project contents in the filters section. Click the arrow again next to a package to collapse the project contents. The projects appear indicated with different colors, and you can filter for a specific project status:


Red: missed/overdue deadlines. The missed deadlines filter includes all tasks (orange, green and blue) if they have missed deadlines. When you uncheck this check box then upcoming tasks with missed deadlines appear with a red mark to indicate that they are delayed.

Orange: work in progress (e.g. translation in progress or review in progress when you are working on the assigned documents)

Green: upcoming tasks. It includes the documents that are assigned or accepted by you, but you have not started to edit them.

Blue: not yet in my workflow (e.g. you are the reviewer 1 or 2 and the project is still in the translator role; you can see the project and you can open the documents, but you are not in the assigned workflow role yet).

Gray: delivered tasks (when you finished translating or reviewing and you have delivered the documents back to the project manager).

A task is considered complete as long as the document is still in your workflow step, either as 100% or less done and not yet delivered.

Further filter options:

Enter a project name in the search field, then press Enter. You get a filtered view of the project list. Remove the text from the search field, and press Enter again to return to the unfiltered project list view.

Use the Back to drop-down list to filter the project list for last week, last month, last year or all to display all projects.

Check the Group by project check box to group the project list view by project instead of by task. When you group projects, they are ordered by the earliest missed deadlines in ascending order.


Project columns:

My task column: Indicates your task in this project, and your language combination. A task line for a project can be green if all documents are delivered in the current role, and it can be red if at least one document of the project is overdue in the current role or in any of the preceding roles. The date indicates the delivery of the project, whereas the language codes indicate the languages the translation needs to be delivered in.

Note: Tasks belonging to wrapped-up and recycled projects are not shown.

Individual projects can be expanded and collapsed using the arrow button. If you expand a project, you see one line for every document in one workflow step.

Actions column: This column contains action buttons that allow you to perform actions on the document - the rest of the columns are for information only. See Document operations. E.g. hover over the Actions column for a document, then click ico_edit to open a document for editing. The document will open in another tab or window.

Note: It may take some time, usually 10-20 seconds, to open a document. During this, memoQWebTrans shows a turning wheel to indicate progress.

Important: If you have migrated online projects from memoQ 2013 R2 or earlier to memoQ 2014 or higher, where you did not enable memoQWeb, then these projects are not visible in the Document list in memoQWebTrans. If you clone an online project that was migrated from an earlier memoQ version, will also not enable memoQWebTrans.

Name, size, progress column shows the following information:

oName: Shows the document name.

oProgress: Indicates the progress with percentages: the first percentage shows how many of the segments have been translated; the second percentage shows how many segments have been proofread.

oSegments/words/characters. Shows the size of the document in segments, words and characters.

Document / Project column: Shows the project name that a document belongs to.

Check the Show paths of documents check box to see relative paths of your files. This can be useful when you have two or more files with the same name.

Ordering of online tasks

The online tasks list is ordered as the following (in descending order):

Without grouping (not checking the Group by project check box):

1. Tasks with missed deadlines

Ordered by deadlines ascending

Ordered by document name ascending

2. Other tasks

Ordered by deadlines descending

Ordered by document name ascending

Activated Grouped by projects check box:

1. Projects that have at least one task with a missed deadline, ordered by the earliest missed deadlines, ascending order

Tasks with missed deadlines within the project, ordered by deadline ascending

Ordered by document name ascending

Other tasks within the project, ordered by deadline descending

Ordered by document name ascending

2. Other projects, ordered by their most recent deadlines, descending

Tasks within the project, ordered by deadline descending

Ordered by document name ascending

The ordering is predefined and cannot be changed. This ensures that missed deadlines are always listed first.

Document progress

You can see the progress of each document on the Online tasks tab:


In the Progress column, the first value indicates the translation progress, the second value indicates the review progress. You need to hover over it to see the exact percentage of the progress.

Gray means the project has not yet started. Green indicates the translation progress. Light green indicates the reviewer 1 progress. The very light green indicates the reviewer 2 progress.

The calculated progress is based on characters, words or segments. You can configure that in your profile. The default value is segments.

Document operations

After you signed in to memoQWebTrans, go to the Online tasks tab. Then go to the task you wish to perform an operation for, e.g. delivery.

Hover over the Ops column for a task, you have the following operations available (explained in the order of icons):


View/add/delete document comments: Click this icon (icon_comments_onlineTasks) to manage document comments. If there are no comments, this icon is grayed out and not available. See Working with topics (creating, adding, deleting comments).

Start a discussion: Click this icon to start a discussion. Click the Related discussions icon (icon_relatedDiscussions_onlineTasks), this icon is highlighted in blue  for projects and documents when there is at least one topic related to the item; otherwise, the icon is grayed out. When you click the Related discussions icon, you can see the topics:


Click the All related topics link to go to the Discussions home page which opens in a new tab. Click the Start a discussion link to start another discussion.

See also: Commenting in the webTrans translation editor and Discussion in memoQ server guide, available here.

Edit document: Click this icon (icon_edit_onlineTasks) to open the assigned document for editing (translating or reviewing). The document is opened in a new tab.

Deliver document: Click this icon (icon_deliver_new) to deliver this document back to the project manager.

Accept/decline document: These icons are only visible when a document is up for FirstAccept which means first comes, first serves. When visible, click the Accept icon (icon_firstAccept_accept) to accept, or click the Decline icon (icon_firstAccept_decline) to decline this document as task.


FirstAccept tasks are listed above the My task section. The My task column indicates the workflow step for FirstAccept (translation, review 1 or review 2). You also see the Respond by deadline until when you need to decide whether to accept or to decline the translation or review of this document.

Show latest analysis report: Click this icon (icon_statistics_onlineTasks) to show the latest analysis for this document. This icon is only visible if the project manager has run statistics before launching the project.


Click the Export as CSV link to export the analysis report as CSV file. This link then changes to Download the CSV. Click this link to download the CSV file.


If you right-click a row, you have the following context menu options:

Comments (disabled if there are no comments for this document)

Discussions (disabled if there are no discussion items for this document)

Analysis report (disabled if there is no analysis report for this document)


Deliver/FirstAccept (only which one is relevant — they exclude each other)

Click the [sign out] command to sign out from memoQWebTrans.

Click Help to open the online help. Click My Profile to edit your profile. Click one of the language codes to change the display language.

If you click to edit a document but it is not your turn to do so