Custom field properties

You can add custom descriptive fields to a translation memory. These descriptive fields help memoQ rank matches that you receive from different translation memories.

To use the descriptive fields: you need to set up filters in the TM settings profile that you use in your project.

How to get here

  1. Start creating a translation memory.
  2. In the New translation memory window, click the Custom fields tab.
  3. Below the list of custom fields, click Add.

To edit an existing custom field: Click the name of the field. Below the list, click Edit.


custom_field_properties_freetext custom_field_properties_picklist

What can you do?

Give the field a name: Type a name in the Name text box.

You can't change the name of an existing field: If you're editing an existing field, the Name box is grayed out.

When you finish

To create or change the custom field, and return to the previous window: Click OK.

To return to the previous window, and not create the custom field: Click Cancel.

Possible next step: Set up the TM settings profile for your projects. Edit it, and add filters for the custom fields you just created.