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A project template is for a certain type of job, often for a specific client. It's normal to have a fairly constant team working on these jobs.

memoQ can assign new documents automatically to translators and reviewers. But before memoQ can do that, it must know about a group of people to choose from.

In a project template, you can list users or groups of users. You can set a target language and a role for each user. When you create a project from this project template, memoQ automatically adds these users and groups to the project, with the roles and target languages you set up.

This is possible in local as well as online projects.

In local projects, you don't have a list of users. You just add names to the project template, and set the language and the role. From a local project, you send handoff packages and receive delivery packages. Translator's and reviewers don't work online.

Project manager edition only: You can't assign users and send handoff packages from the translator pro edition of memoQ. You need the project manager edition for that.

In an online project, the memoQ server has a list of users and groups. In the template, you can choose from users and groups who are already listed on the server. You can say if an user should have project manager or terminologist privileges, and if the user can receive a license from the server.

Need roles and languages for automatic assignment: An online project sends work to users on a memoQ server. On the memoQ server, make sure every translator and reviewer has their language pairs filled in. Otherwise memoQ can't assign documents to them automatically.

How to get here


  1. Open the Resource Console.
  2. On the left, click Project templates.
  3. Select the template you want to edit.

    To set up a template for online projects or resources: Use an online template for this. Choose your memoQ server at the top of Resource console. Click the Select icon_selectserver button.

  4. Under the list, click Edit.
  5. On the left, click People. The People pane appears.


In an online project (eye open and the template is on the server)


In a local project (eye closed, or template is not on a server)

What can you do?

When you finish

To set up other options: Click another category in the Edit project template window.

To set up automatic assignment: Click Automated Actions. Click the Project automation tab. Click the event when you want memoQ server to assign documents automatically. (For example: Assign documents automatically after a document is imported and pre-translated.) Click the + sign on the right. In the Select actions you want to add to the trigger window, click Auto-assign documents to users. Adjust the settings for automatic assignment.

To save the project template: Click OK.

To return to the Resource console, and not change the project template: Click Cancel.