Resource Console - Web search settings

The Web search command helps you look for terms. Practically, it runs a search on many websites at the same time. Under Web search settings, you can set up your favorite web sites, so that memoQ can search in all of them at a single click.

Local only: You cannot create or share Web search settings on a memoQ TMS. To copy a Web search profile to another computer, you need to export it, and import it on the other computer.

How to get here

  1. In the top left corner of the memoQ window, click the Resource console Resource console icon. icon. The Resource console window opens.
  2. Under Resource, click Web search settings. The Web search settings pane appears.


What can you do?

Local only: Before you make changes to Web search profiles, make sure the Server URL box shows My Computer.

When you finish

To work with another type of resource: Under Resource, choose another category.

To return to your work: Switch to the memoQ main window. Press and hold down Alt, and press Tab, until you get to the memoQ main window. Or, on the Windows taskbar, click the memoQ icon, then click the memoQ main window. The Resource Console stays open.

Or, you can close the Resource Console: Click Close.

If you opened a translation memory, a term base, or a LiveDocs document for editing: Switch to the memoQ main window (or close the Resource console), and then go to the editor tab.