Resource properties

In this window, you can view and change some very basic details of a light resource.

A light resource is anything that is not a translation memory, or a term base, or a LiveDocs corpus, or a Muse.

To view all light resources in one place: Open the Resource console.

How to get here

  1. Open the Resource Console.
  2. Choose a light resource category (not a translation memory, a LiveDocs corpus, a term base, or a Muse).
  3. On the right, select one of these resources.
  4. Under the list, click Properties.

    The Resource properties window opens.

Some resources are there inProject home: In Project home, you can manage QA settings, segmentation rules, TM settings, LiveDocs settings, auto-translation rules, non-translatable items, export path rules, LQA models, and font substitution settings. Depending on the languages or other settings of the project, not all resources will be available.


What can you do?

View or change the name of the resource in the Name box. Make sure you choose a name that hints at the purpose of the resource.

View or change the description of the resource in the Description box. Make sure that the resource has a name.

Some resources are language-specific: You can view the language, but you cannot change it. For example, segmentation rules have a language. A segmentation rule can be used in projects that have the same source language.

If you cannot change the properties: For online resources, you need to have Admin permission to change the name or the description.

To prevent the resource from being changed: Check the Read-only check box.

memoQ will not allow users to change (edit) the resource. If a resource is made read-only on a server, users cannot edit it, regardless of any permissions they may have. A user with Admin permission can unlock the Read-only property - and after that, people can edit it again.

When you finish

To save changes, and return to the Resource console (or to Project home): Click OK.

To return to the Resource console (or to Project home), without making changes: Click Cancel.