customer portal configuration

Caution: Through customer portal, organizations can send in work that gets processed automatically. Make sure you offer this opportunity to trusted customers only, and you negotiate very clear terms and conditions for providing services through customer portal.

To make customer portal work, you need to:

  1. Install customer portal - using the memoQ TMS deployment tool.
  2. Set up the web addresses - using memoQ.
  3. Set up how users can sign up on customer portal - using memoQ.

    Caution: Currently, any user who starts to Sign up on your customer portal can see the current list of customers. If you are a translation company, consider choosing the New contacts cannot sign up themselves radio button to keep your customers' names confidential.

  4. Set up the languages your department or translation company serves - using memoQ.
  5. Decide and plan three things:
    1. Who will be your customers?
      1. What are the organizations?
      2. Who will be representing them? (Who will be the actual people who will send in jobs to your server?)
    2. What will be the services you provide for each of them?

      For each customer (organization), decide what workflow and what language combinations you will provide. Set up project templates on the memoQ TMS for these:

      In memoQ's Resource console, create templates and edit them.

      When setting up the templates: Create separate templates for your customers - this helps you do less of the daily work manually. You should specify Project Name and Client (and leave Project empty so that it gets the Project ID from customer portal). Add Create analysis report to the list of automated actions, so that you can create automatic quotes. It is recommended to specify the languages which that customer uses, file filters, translation memories, term bases, and set up any machine translation services they use.

    3. Who will be the project managers from your end who deal with the requests of each organization?

      Create users for these using memoQ or memoQweb (legacy), and make them members of the Project managers group.

      Or: Add them as logins to the Language Terminal profile of your organization, and make them project managers - then merge them into the user list of your memoQ TMS.

  6. After the plan is ready and you finished setting up the templates, enter all these details in memoQweb (legacy):
    1. Start with the customer portal services page. Use the templates you have set up in step 5.b. above.
    2. Go to the customer portal customers page. Add the organizations you plan to serve and assign services to them.
    3. On customer portal's Add customers page: Add at least one contact person for each organization - or approve them if they sign up themselves. (This may go on during the lifetime of the customer.)
  7. Change customer portal's appearance to match your branding - using memoQweb (legacy).
  8. If necessary, edit customer portal's default email templates - using memoQ. They are near the end of the Notifications list.

customer portal is now ready for your customers!