WebTrans - Keyboard shortcuts

You can use the editor exclusively from the keyboard. As you translate, you can use the following shortcuts to access certain functionality.

WebTrans keyboard shortcuts
Function Windows Mac Comment
Bold Ctrl+B B  
Italic Ctrl+I I  
Underline Ctrl+U U  
Cut selected text to clipboard Ctrl+X X  
Copy selected text to clipboard Ctrl+C C  
Undo Ctrl+Z Z Works only within the segment.
Redo Ctrl+Y Y Works only within the segment.
Confirm segment Ctrl+Enter Enter Segment contents get into the translation memory. Focus jumps to the next segment based on Jump to row settings (by default, the next segment).
Select all segments Ctrl+Shift+A ⇧⌘A  
Copy source to target Ctrl+Shift+S ⇧⌘S  
Copy selection to target Ctrl+Shift+O ⇧⌘O  
Paste clipboard content Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert V  
Clear translations Alt+C ⌃⌥C  
Concordance Ctrl+K K  
Select previous hit (concordance or translation results) Ctrl+Up  
Select next hit (concordance or translation results) Ctrl+Down  
Insert selected hit Ctrl+Space ⌘⌥←  
Insert hit #1 Ctrl+1 1  
Insert hit #(number) Ctrl+(number) (number)  
Find Ctrl+Shift+F ⇧⌘F  
Find and replace Ctrl+Shift+H ⇧⌘H  
Filter source or target Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F ⇧⌘⌥F  
Reject segment Shift+Enter Enter  
Lock/unlock segment Ctrl+Shift+L ⇧⌘L  
Add new term base entry Ctrl+E E  
Insert non-breaking space Ctrl+Shift+Space ⇧⌘Space  
Insert all tags Alt+F8 F8  
Copy next tag sequence F9 F9  
Edit inline tag Ctrl+F9 F9  
Jump to row Ctrl+G G  
Open Jump to row settings Ctrl+Shift+G ⇧⌘G  
Open Auto-propagate settings Ctrl+Shift+P ⇧⌘P  
Switch between source and target segment Tab Tab  
Edit source F2 F2  
Go to first segment Ctrl+Home fn  
Go to last segment Ctrl+End fn  
Go to first visible segment PageUp PageUp  
Go to last visible segment PageDown PageDown  
Select to first segment Ctrl+Shift+Home fn⇧⌘← (Safari not supported)  
Select to last segment Ctrl+Shift+End fn⇧⌘→(Safari not supported)  
Select all text within the segment Ctrl+A A  
Delete previous word Ctrl+Backspace Backspace  
Delete next word Ctrl+Delete Delete  
Jump to previous word Ctrl+Left  
Jump to next word Ctrl+Right  
Select previous word Ctrl+Shift+Left ⇧⌘  
Select next word Ctrl+Shift+Right ⇧⌘  
Select previous character Shift+Left  
Select next character Shift+Right  
Select to first character of segment Ctrl+Shift+Up ⇧⌘  
Select to last character of segment Ctrl+Shift+Down ⇧⌘  
Select to first character of row Shift+Home fn  
Select to last character of row Shift+End fn  
Toggle case Shift+F3 F3  


Using the numeric keypad? You need to switch off NumLock for shortcuts with the Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, Up, or Down key.

Using a Mac? Make sure you set Keyboard preferences like this:Window showing keyboard preferences options available for MAC users: key repeat, delay until repeat, adjust keyboard brightness in low light, turn keyboard backlight off after xx sec of inactivity, press Fn key to (choose from dropdown) and use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys.