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In the Hit list filter settings dialog, you can control how memoQ filters the hit list displayed in the Translation results pane of the translation grid.


How to begin

Double-click the or the icon above the Translation results pane of the translation grid.


Translation memory and corpus section:

Filter and limit translation memory and corpus hits: Select this check box to only display one hit for identical target segments, and to display only the maximum number of translation memory or LiveDocs hits set in the Maximum number of translation memory and corpus hits spin control box.

Maximum number of translation memory and corpus hits shown: Use this spin box to set the maximum number of translation memory hits to be displayed in the hit list.

Show corpus hits without a translation: Select this check box to show corpus hits coming from the Library™.

Patch matches section:

Patch fuzzy TM matches check box: If this check box is checked, memoQ will attempt to fix matches automatically. Check the Include TM fragments (LSC hits) to include sub-string matches in the automatic fixing. Check the Store patched match rate instead of the original match rate check box if memoQ should overwrite the TM match with the fixed match and displays the fixed match rate at the bottom right corner of the Translation results pane. A fixed match can never exceed 94% as match rate.


Term base section:

Longest source term hides shorter matches: Select this check box to omit source terms from the list that are part of a longer term that was also found in the term bases.

Note: When filtering is on, memoQ will display only one target language version for identical source terms, regardless of the state of this check box.

Display order of term base hits:

oOrder of appearance in text: Click this radio button if you prefer term base hits to be listed in the order as they occur within the source segment.

oAlphabetical: Check this option to show term base hits sorted alphabetically by the source term.

Order term base hits primarily by rank and metadata check box: memoQ ranks the term base hits in the translation grid according to your term base ranking and the metadata for your project (client, domain, subject). If you do not check this check box, then the source position is first, and then the TB ranking, and the same with the alphabetical order: the alphabetical order precedes the ranking.

When memoQ ranks the term base hits, it scores each hit. If a hit has more details in common with the project than another, it gets a higher score. If two hits have the same number of details in common, memoQ checks how important these details are. If a term base hit has more important details that match the project, it gets a higher score. The order of importance is this, from the most important to the least important detail: Project name, client name, subject, and domain.

Example: if there are two term base hits for the same source expression, where the first one matches the client name, and the second one matches the subject, the winner is the first one because the client name is more important.

Show term base hits with empty target: Check this option to show term base hits if there is no target equivalent of the term for the given target language, only for other languages.


Lookup results delay section:

Delay before showing translation results box: By default, memoQ waits 500 msec before showing any lookup results. You can customize this value in entering a value between 0 and 1000 msec in the box. You can speed up or delay the showing of lookup results.


Click OK to make changes to the filtering options. Click Cancel to close the dialog without modifying the settings.


See also:

memoQ application menu: Options > Options > Appearance > Lookup results where you can change the hit list order.