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When a segment is filled in through pre-translation (using the Pre-translate button on the Preparation ribbon tab), memoQ inserts the match rate of the TM match that was used to fill in the segment:

This match rate is also written in the status information of the segment if the translator is using automatic lookup and insertion while writing and confirming the translations.

Note: This match rate shows the quality of the best TM match that was available when the segment was filled in. It does not show the quality of the best TM match that is currently available, if different. This number travels along with the document, and does not change unless the user runs Pre-translation again.

Important: In all other cases, the match rates in the documents are zero (0%). Match rates will be recorded for later post-translation analysis, for the segments that are filled in through pre-translation or the use of automatic lookup and insertion. This means that the Post-translation analysis numbers are useful only if the translator keeps automatic lookup and insertion turned on (the default setting is on). To turn on automatic lookup and insertion, go to the Translation ribbon tab, click the Translation settings arrow, then choose automatic lookup and insertion.


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