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To be able to use packages, you need to launch the project first. Follow the steps below:

1.When you create your online project, check the Allow packages creation check box to be able to create packages for this online project. If you do not check this check box on project creation, the Packages pane will not be available.

2.If the project is not automatically opened after you created it, double click the project name in the Dashboard. Or on the Project ribbon tab, choose Manage Projects. In the Manage projects dialog, select the project you want to manage, and click the Manage command link below the list.

3.Go to the People pane, and then to the Project users tab. Add users to your project.

4.Go to the Translations pane, and assign the documents to users. Select the documents, and click the Assign link, or select a user for a document from the Translator, Reviewer 1 or Reviewer 2 drop-down list. Apply the changes in clicking the Apply changes button.

5.After you assigned all documents in all target languages (if you have more than one target language), click the Click to launch project icon.

Important: You need to launch the project. The packages are then automatically created.

a.6. Click the Packages icon. The created packages are displayed in the Package overview section.

b.7. Click the Disk icon to download a package. Specify a location to save the package. The package is a *.mqout file. It contains the files as MQXLZ files, and the resources according to your settings (project TM and TB or copy of all TMs and TBs or links to TMs, TBs and corpora). You can also download all packages in a batch process. All packages are downloaded into one folder. The package is a ZIP file, and the package name contains the assigned user name.

You can send the package to your translator in a separate e-mail.

Note: The translator can also check out the package if you enabled the package workflow option Both in the User properties. The package check out is similar to the checkout of online projects.

Note: You can reset a project in the Packages pane in clicking the Reset project link which does the same as the clean notification history command. Resetting a project clears all previously created packages and e-mail notifications, and allows re-launching the project. All project participants will be notified when the project is launched again.


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