customer portal - for customers

If you are sending translation requests to a provider who uses the memoQ TMS's customer portal, these pages will help you learn how to sign up for the customer portal, and how to send work.

What can you do?

  1. Create a customer portal account and activate your access.

  2. Then, sign in to use customer portal.

  3. Request a quote or translation.

  4. Accept or reject the quote.

  5. If you accept the quote, the provider will begin the translation work immediately. If you reject, it becomes canceled.

  6. Monitor the progress of your translation job.

  7. When the translation is finished, download the translated documents.

  8. Visit the People section if you need to:

    • contact a project manager directly or see which PMs you are working with,

    • change your customer portal password,

    • make changes to your team members' accounts (if you are a manager of your company's customer portal team.)