Activate and start memoQ TMS

Before you start memoQ TMS for the first time, you need to activate it. Activation means proving that you have a valid license to use memoQ TMS. To do that, use the memoQ TMS activation program. You can also use memoQ TMS activation to check your licenses, or to activate licenses you rent for a period of time.

Before you activate memoQ TMS, make sure the server computer is connected to the Internet, and port 80 (HTTP) is open for outbound connections in your firewalls. If your security policy does not permit this, see the section Retrieve your licenses without an internet connection.

To activate memoQ TMS, you need a serial number and a memoQ TMS license. To acquire these, contact memoQ sales.

How to get here

After you install memoQ TMS, the memoQ TMS activation program will start automatically. The memoQ TMS activation window should open.

If the activation program does not open, or you accidentally close it after installation, you can start it manually from the Start screen or from the Start menu. Here is how. The steps work in Windows Server 2012 and higher.

  1. Press the Windows key. The Start screen or the Start menu opens.
  2. Type the word ‘memoQ’ or 'activator'. Windows will look for matching programs.


  3. On the list of matches, click memoQ TMS activator. The memoQ TMS activation window opens.


What can you do?

When you finish

Normally, you just let memoQ TMS run - and allow project managers and translators to work on it.

However, sometimes you need to make changes.

  • If your organization purchases new licenses: Go back to the memoQ TMS activation program, and update the licenses again (click Update licenses online). memoQ TMS will start using the new licenses immediately, there is no need for a restart.
  • If your organization has memoQweb or customer portal, you need to install them. To learn how, read the Deploy memoQweb and the Deploy customer portal topics.
  • If there is a new version or an update to memoQ TMS, you need to upgrade it. To learn how, read the Upgrade memoQ TMS topic.