Configure server

After memoQ server is installed, use the Configure server window to change most of its settings. You can check or change the following:

  • The folders where memoQ server saves exported and archive files
  • The network addresses where memoQ server can be reached
  • Network connection settings - use this to set up secure connections to memoQ server
  • E-mail server and settings that memoQ server uses to send notifications
  • Web service API settings - whether it works or not; addresses, security, and filtering
  • Resources API settings - whether it works or not; addresses, security, and filtering
  • CMS API - whether it works or not; addresses and security
  • Content connector settings - whether or not memoQ server can receive push notifications from the Content connector
  • Server to server - the certificates this memoQ server can use in server-to-server workflows
  • Password policy - how strong passwords are needed to sign in, how long before passwords expire.

How to get here

When you do this, memoQ server will already be installed on the server computer.

  1. Log in to the memoQ server computer through Remote Desktop.
  2. Open the Start screen or the Start menu: Press the Windows key.
  3. Type memoQ, and wait for the results to appear.
  4. In the list, click memoQ Server Deployment Administration.
  5. Windows may ask you to confirm to run the program. Click Yes or Run.
  6. The memoQ Server Deployment Administration window opens. You need the topmost section (memoQ server):


  1. Click Advanced:


  2. From the menu, choose Configure server. The Configure server window opens:


What can you do?

When you finish

To save the new settings, and return to the Deployment tool: Click Save.

To just return to the Deployment tool, without saving the changes: Click Cancel.

You may need to stop and restart the memoQ server service. To learn how, see the Start or stop memoQ server topic.