Install memoQ TMS

This page describes how you can install a new copy of memoQ TMS. The description works if memoQ TMS was not installed on the computer previously.

After you install and configure memoQ TMS, you may need to install memoQweb and customer portal.

How to get here

  1. Log in to the memoQ TMS computer through Remote Desktop.

  2. Download the memoQ TMS setup package from our Downloads page: Click the orange Download button, and in the memoQ TMS row, click the Download link.

  3. When the download is complete, launch the file you downloaded.

  4. Windows may ask you to confirm to run the file. Click Yes or Run.

  5. The memoQ TMS deployment tool is installed on the server.

  6. The memoQ TMS Deployment Administration window opens. You need the topmost section (memoQ TMS):

    starting window for memoQ TMS installation process

  1. In the memoQ TMS section, click Install memoQ TMS. The Install memoQ TMS wizard starts.

What can you do?

There are several other settings in the last Install memoQ TMS window, but they are not required for memoQ TMS to start up. They can be configured later from the memoQ TMS deployment tool – see the following topics:

Next step

Read on: Activate and start memoQ TMS