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Use this dialog to export accepted terms from a term extraction session to a term base. This dialog allows you to choose a term base and general descriptive fields for the new term base entries.

How to begin

Open a local project in memoQ. On the Preparation ribbon tab, choose Extract terms. Use an existing term extraction session or create a new one to display the candidate list editor. On the Term Extraction ribbon tab, click Export To Term Base.


From the Term base to export to drop-down list, select a term base. You can choose from term bases you are using in the current project.

In the Project, Client, Domain, and Subject text boxes, you can fill in descriptive information (meta-information) about the new term base entries. All new term base entries will receive the same descriptive information.

Note: After the terms were copied to the term base, you can open the term base for editing, and fine-tune the descriptive fields there.


Click OK to start exporting the new term base entries. Click Cancel to leave the dialog without exporting entries.