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In the Settings pane of the memoQ online project dialog, you can view and edit the meta-information of the online project, and configure additional resources such as segmentation rules or QA settings for the current project. In addition, you can change the communication settings for the project.


How to begin

Open an online project for management: On the Project ribbon tab, choose Manage projects. In the Manage projects dialog, select the project you want to manage, and click the Manage command link below the list. In the memoQ online project dialog, click the Settings icon on the left.

Important: After you make changes to the project settings, you need to apply them manually by clicking the tick mark button in the top left corner of the memoQ online project dialog.

Items in the Settings pane

You can configure various options for your project:

General: View and adjust meta-information for the project.

Communication: Enable project participants to communicate with each other when they are online, and control e-mail notifications for the project.

Segmentation rules: View and configure segmentation rules assigned to the project. Segmentation rules are light resources, and they are managed as such.

QA settings: View and configure quality assurance settings assigned to the project. These are light resources.

TM settings: View and configure translation memory thresholds and penalties assigned to the project.

LiveDocs settings: View and configure LiveDocs corpus thresholds and penalties assigned to the project.

Auto-translation rules: View and configure auto-translation rule sets assigned to the project.

Non-translatable lists: View and configure non-translatable lists used in the project.

Export path rules: View and configure export path rules used in the project.

LQA models: View and configure LQA models used in the project. Switch LQA models here to assign another LQA model in your project.

Font substitution: View and configure the font for the documents on export.

You can choose the desired category by clicking the corresponding icon right below the Settings title.

Options in the General category

Resource categories


To switch to another pane in in the memoQ online project dialog, click its icon. The name of the active pane is set in bold. To exit the memoQ online project dialog, click the Close () button in the upper-right corner.