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The idea behind source file versioning is to save time and avoid possible problems of pre-translating from a translation memory which may be inconsistent.

Note: This functionality is only available in the project manager edition of memoQ.

Follow the steps below to create a project with version control and to leverage from X-translate:

1.To use source versioning in memoQ, check the check box Record version history for translation documents in the first step of the new project wizard (see New memoQ project wizard).

2.Follow the project wizard and import the translatable documents. You will see the documents being imported with versioning:

3.When you receive a new version of the source document, use the Reimport button on the Documents ribbon tab.

4.Click No in the dialog that appears to browse for the new version of the document(s), which may have a different name or a different file format. The document is now imported as another major version.

5.To use a previous major version as translation reference for the new file, select X-translate on the Documents ribbon tab (instead of Pre-Translate, which uses the translation memory). Choose the major version of the source file you want to use and the relevant options.

Note: Each time you reimport the source file, you create a major version of the document. A minor version is created when a version is imported, e.g. each time a target file of this source file version is exported.

6.Set a status for the rows that are X-translated:

By default, x-translated rows are locked after performing x-translation. The segment status is indicated as XLT (x-translated).

Note: You can export a Two-column RTF file to compare versions of a document. Major versions can also be compared, memoQ here exports a HTML file to view in a browser.


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