These are the most important new features of memoQ 8.2.

Productivity boosters

Enhanced X-translate

Multiple regex taggers

Reimport multilingual Excel or XML files

Confirm segments without updating master TM

Easily import packages from other CAT tools

Categorize QA results into warnings and errors

memoQ WebSearch got faster and leaks no more

Better tooltips

Loading long project lists


WordPress filter

Rigi integration

Web Services API


Open workflows for vendors

Automated subvendor and GroupSourcing workflows

Manually export change track reports

Sort and filter projects by creator

Better access to QTerm TBs in server-to-server workflows

More efficient file export in Content Connected projects

Machine translation

Centralized MT settings

Re-use MT configurations

Formatting and inline tags in machine-translated segments

MT in MatchPatch

Machine-translate selected text


Client TMs on the web-based PM interface

Relative paths in memoQweb

Customer Portal

Customer Portal on memoQ cloud server


Cancelled and expired quotes


Manual QA step before delivery to client


Chat over HTTPS

Encrypted communication for Content Connectors