These are the most important new features of memoQ 8.3.

Redesigned Term base entry window for memoQ term bases

Term bases - Export into and import from Excel

Print QTerm term bases into a pretty and customizable glossary format

Improved user experience in QTerm

More efficient term extraction

Restore an earlier version of a segment in the translation editor

CMS Connector for WordPress (project manager edition only)

Muses can be online - and used in online projects

More and better hits from SDLXLIFF documents (when moved to LiveDocs)

Inline formatting is no longer a problem when you chain HTML or XML after XLSX or DOCX

Plain XLIFF documents: import non-segmenting 'mrk' tags

Keep inline formatting in multilingual Excel files

New asynchronous Web Services API

Improved support for high-resolution screens

webTrans: Filter and sort segments while translating a document in a web browser

webTrans: All rows are on one page now