This is the online documentation for the new memoQweb, released with memoQ TMS 9.0.

(See the legacy version's documentation here.)

memoQweb is a browser-based interface for memoQ TMS. It allows using memoQ TMS without the memoQ desktop app.

Note: Some advanced features (like creating project templates) are only available in the memoQ desktop app.

Supported browsers are the latest two versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, plus Microsoft Edge.

If you are using a Mac: Safari is not officially supported, but in general, works properly.

memoQweb offers these modules:

  • Admin - Administrators can set up memoQweb and access a limited set of memoQ TMS administration tasks.
  • Project management - Create and manage projects on the memoQ TMS.
  • Requests and offers - Manage requests coming from customer portal.
  • webtrans -Translators and reviewers can receive, complete and deliver their tasks using a browser. The translation editor is currently available with its old UI.
  • Discussions - Translators, project managers, and terminologists can create and resolve queries related to translation.
  • Qterm - A collaborative terminology management system for organizations to create, manage, and share their own terminology. It is currently available with its old UI.
  • Resources - Create and manage translation memories and term bases, see the list of LiveDocs corpora.
  • Files - Access to the memoQ TMS's file system where exported resources, documents.

To see the documentation for a page in memoQweb: In the bottom left corner, above Profile, click the Help icon-help link.

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