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This topic lists all main ribbon tabs. Click the ribbon tab to open a specific ribbon page. The Project tab is always visible. All other ribbon tabs only become visible after you opened a project. These are the default ribbon tabs:







Translation Memory

Term Base



Quick Access


See also:

Application menu

Quick Access Toolbar

Ribbon basics

A ribbon tab contains commands (also referred to as buttons) in a horizontal layout. Each ribbon tab groups together related functions (referred to as sections). You can invoke these commands  by selecting the appropriate ribbon tab and clicking the button.

Each group (section) on a ribbon tab has a name, which is displayed at the bottom of the section. Individual groups are divided by vertical lines.

Each section has several options. One option is always represented with an icon and a name.

Some options have an arrow key, for example New Project on the Project ribbon tab. Click this arrow key to display further options to choose from.

Some options can be toggled: turning off or on the option, for example Show Highlights on the View ribbon tab.

Click the arrow icon in the upper right to hide or show the ribbon tabs (or press Ctrl+F1):

Please read the Ribbon Introduction guide, available on the Kilgray website.


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