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The Publish project wizard turns your local project into an online project. You use this wizard after you prepare a translation job as a local project.

How to begin

On the Project ribbon tab, select a local project, then click the Publish On Server button. When you have a local project open, you can invoke the Publish project wizard in clicking the Publish On Server button on the Project ribbon tab. No need to close the local project to publish it.

If the local project is open, go to Project home, and click the Overview icon. On the Handoff/delivery tab, click the Publish current project on server link.

Note: You need to check the task assignments in your project before publishing it on a server. To do this, go to the Overview pane of Project home. Click the General tab, then the Check project now link.


You can publish any local project on a server. Before you publish the project, you need to assign the translation documents to users, preferably in all three roles (Translator, Reviewer 1, and Reviewer 2). You can freely type in any user name; the Publish project wizard will match them to the users on the server.

All translation documents and views in your local projects will be uploaded as memoQ XLIFF documents. Views will become ordinary documents: online projects do not support views.

All local resources (translation memories, term bases etc.) are uploaded to the server and published.

You cannot create new users on the server from the Publish project wizard. Before you publish your project, use the User management pane of the Server administrator to create all necessary users on the server.

The local project remains on your computer after the online copy is created.

Important: To publish local projects on memoQ servers, you need the project manager edition of memoQ.


Step 1: Choose the server where you wish to publish the project

Step 2: Match users in the local project to server users


Step 3: Choose which resources to publish along with the project


Step 4: Project workflow options of your project

Step 5: Resources checkout options (no packages)