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An online project offers the best of fully online projects and handoff packages:

1.The projects are stored on a memoQ server. The master copy is not tied to the project manager: the project manager can control the project from any computer that has a connection to the memoQ server. The project manager can also track the progress of the project almost in real time.

2.In turn, the translators and reviewers do not have to be connected to the memoQ server all the time. The documents in a translation project are stored both on the server and on the translators' computers. Their copy of memoQ synchronizes the documents with the master copy on the memoQ server when a connection is available. This means that translators can still deliver the translation in smaller parts, and the reviewers do not have to wait until a translator finishes working with a whole document.

These topics describe how project managers can work on online projects. Here is an outline of the procedure:

1.Create a new project on the memoQ server. You can create an online project from scratch, but you can also publish a local project or clone an existing online project.

Tip: It is recommended to create a local project first, and do all preparatory actions (fixing segmentation, excluding non-translated text etc.) there. Although memoQ allows such changes in an online project, you can easily disrupt the work of the translators if you make frequent changes to the documents they work on.

2.Perform remote operations on the documents such as statistics or pre-translation.

3.Track progress.

4.Make changes to the project as necessary: assign documents, or move the documents up and down in the workflow.

5.Export finished translations from the project.

Tip: Alternatively, use a project template to speed up project creation.

Important: To create and monitor an online project, you need a memoQ server and memoQ in the project manager edition

This section describes how to manage online projects. See the following topics:

Create an online project

Publish a local project on a server

Perform remote operations – Statistics

Perform remote operations – Pre-translation

Track progress and use e-mail notifications

Re-assign translators and change workflow status

Export translations