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When you are working alone as a translator or proofreader, you need to create your own memoQ project. A project should include at least one translation document, and it may include translation memories, term bases and some additional resources.

The easiest way to create a project is using the New memoQ project wizard. The wizard is a sequence of four dialogs: Project information, Translation documents, Translation memories, and Term bases.

You can invoke the New memoQ project wizard in the following ways:

by choosing New Project on the Project ribbon tab;

by choosing Manage projects > Create local project, or Create online project on the Project ribbon tab;

by choosing New Project in the memoQ application menu.

IMPORTANT: If the Server URL box contains the address of a memoQ server, the Create online project in the Manage projects dialog becomes available, and invokes the New memoQ project wizard. If the Server URL box contains My computer, the New memoQ project wizard is invoked to create a local project.

If you are using the memoQ translator pro edition, memoQ remembers your language pair. The source language is set as the detected language based on the imported documents during project creation. The target language is set based on the detected Windows keyboard layout. If your keyboard is English-US, memoQ will set English. If you use a project template to create your project, then the project template settings will prevail. This language detection is not implemented in the memoQ project manager edition since project managers typically not only work with one language pair.

If you are using the memoQ translator free edition, the wizard displays only the first and the second dialog. In the second dialog, you will not be able to add more than one translation document. After adding a translation document, the wizard will automatically create an empty translation memory. For more information, see the memoQ editions.

This section covers the following topics:

New memoQ project wizard 1 - Project information

New memoQ project wizard 2 - Finances (Language Terminal)

New memoQ project wizard 2 - Translation documents

New memoQ project wizard 3 - Translation memories

New memoQ project wizard 4 - Term bases