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A term base is a database containing pairs of words or expressions (terms) in multiple languages. In translation, term bases are used like a glossary where you can access terms (words and expressions) relevant to your translation work.

Term bases are used to maintain translation consistency and simplify the translation of demanding projects with specific terminology. A term base usually contains words and expressions that should be translated in a specific way in a particular translation job.

With regard to a translation project, a term base is much more than a source of helpful information. In fact, it is part of the translation instructions, especially in translation projects where multiple translators are involved. In such projects, if an expression is included in a term base, you are expected or even required to use the translation in the term base, and your liberty to choose a translation for that expression is rather limited.

A term base is one of the many resource types you can manage with memoQ.

memoQ offers simple and very down-to-Earth terminology management: its term base support is tailored to the needs of translators and reviewers. Here is a list of memoQ's term base features, as described in further sections of this topic:

You can set up and access local, remote, and offline remote term bases: see Local, remote, and offline term bases

memoQ offers to store a rich set of information in each term base entry: see Structure of entries in a term base

You can use one or more term bases in your memoQ projects: see Using term bases in projects

memoQ's term bases are multilingual, and memoQ makes sure that your term base has all necessary languages when you add it to your project: see Languages in a term base

When you are writing your translation, memoQ automatically looks up terms in your current segment, and you can add new terms without leaving the translation editor: see Looking up and adding terms

Remote – server-based – term bases can be moderated, which means that a terminologist approves new additions before they are published: see Moderated term bases

You can review and edit entire term bases in memoQ's term base editor: see The term base editor

You can transfer your term bases to other translation tools, and you can also receive term bases from other tools: you can export your term bases to and import your term bases from tabular text file formats such as CSV: see Exchanging term bases