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If you are new to memoQ, and you open memoQ for the first time, your project list is empty. memoQ hides the empty project list and presents you 4 options: create a local project without or from a project template, check out an online project or translate a package. Click one of the links.

See the Project list topic for detailed information on each column.

You can also simply start in dragging files into the Drag and Drop area above the project list. If you never created a project before, then your project list is empty. Drag and drop your files into this area:

Alternatively, you can use the common tasks area. memoQ translator pro – unlike the project manager edition – has common  tasks on the Dashboard.

Common tasks:

Hide the project creation section in clicking this icon: . Click again to show the project list again.

After you dragged your files there (you can also click on browse to browse for files to add them), your files now appear as shown in the screenshot below:

Hover over a document to make the X visible. Click the X button to remove a document from the Drag and Drop area. Right-click a document in the Drag and Drop area to have the following context menu options available:

Create project from all files to create a project from all files in the Drag and Drop area

Remove selected files to remove all selected files from the Drag and Drop area

Remove all files to remove all files from the Drag and Drop area

Invert selection to select the first file/to invert your file selection

Note: You can also drag and drop a package. If you already have other files dragged into the Drag and Drop area, memoQ displays a message that you cannot mix files and a package file.

Click Start translating. memoQ will automatically open the Create new memoQ project from template wizard. By default, the One TM and one TB per language pair template is selected.

To learn how to proceed, see the topic about the Create new memoQ project from template wizard

You can also create a project without a template. Click the Create without template to create a new project.

Follow the wizard. A detailed explanation on project creation can also be found in the Quick Start Guide, available here.


When you have more than a few projects, you need to find your way in the list:

The project list view

Click the Two rows view icon (). memoQ displays two lines of information about each project.

The two-row project view

No Language Terminal projects for the time being: memoQ 2015 (build 7.8.100 or later) cannot list or download projects from Language Terminal. This restriction is temporary: Language Terminal project management capabilities will return in a future memoQ release.

Click the Details icon to learn more about the selected project. memoQ will open a Details pane, covering the right half of the project list, displaying all there is to know about the project you select on the list: