memoQ online project - History (subvendor)

The History pane of the memoQ online project window shows the list of changes that happened in the project: document imports, automated actions, assignments, and many more. In addition, you can get a complete list of e-mail notifications that were sent by memoQ TMS about the current project.

When you receive work as a subvendor, the History pane will show only those events that are about the documents assigned to your group.

Different window if you are an administrator or a project manager: If your organization owns the memoQ TMS, and you are accessing the memoQ online project window as an administrator or a project manager, you will see a different window. To learn more, see Help about the main memoQ online project window.

Requires memoQ project manager: You need the project manager edition of memoQ to manage online projects.

You need to be a subvendor group manager: To manage online projects in this way, you must be the first member of a subvendor group on the memoQ TMS. The owner of the memoQ TMS can create this group and add your account as the manager. As a first step, the owner of the server will contact you with the login details.

How to get here

First, open an online project for management:

  1. Log in to the memoQ TMS as a subvendor group manager.
  2. On the project management dashboard, find the project you need to manage. Use the search bar if needed.
  3. Double-click the project name, or click it, and on the Project ribbon, click Manage Manage icon.. A new memoQ online project window opens.
  4. On the left, click the History icon. The History pane appears.


What can you do?

Cannot launch the project: Only the project manager can launch or relaunch the project.

When you finish

To make changes to the documents, resources, or settings or the project, or to see reports, choose another pane:

Switch windows: You can open several online projects for management. Each online project opens in a separate window. To switch between them and the Dashboard or Project home (if you have a local project open): press and hold down Alt, and press Tab a few times until you get to the window you want. Or: On the Windows taskbar, click the memoQ icon, and then click the window you want to switch to.