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memoQ looks at each segment together with its context (the segments before and after). When you translate, memoQ automatically stores each segment you confirm and its surrounding segments in the translation memory. If there are two identical segments with identical surrounding segments in the translation document and in the translation memory, the two segments show up as a ContexTM match with a 101% match rate.

ContexTM works automatically when you are using a translation memory that stores the context of segments. It requires no additional setup.

Important: You decide whether or not you want to store context in a translation memory. When you create a new translation memory, the Simple context radio button is turned on by default. If you do not want to store context in the new TM, uncheck the radio button before you click OK in the New translation memory dialog. This cannot be changed in an existing translation memory (i.e. once started, you cannot tell memoQ to stop storing context). Instead, you will need to create a new translation memory. You can also choose to not store any context or to store double context.

Caution: Two segments with the same source text but different context count as two different segments. In this case, identical source segments can appear in translation memories that do not allow multiple translations for a source segment. If there is a 101% match for a segment, there will be only one 101% match in the TM, but you might also have one or more 100% matches if the same source segment appears in the TM in different contexts. If you really want only one exact match for a source segment in a TM, use the No context radio button in the New translation memory dialog. In this case, since there is no context, the match percentage will be 100%.


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