Edit filter configurations

A filter configuration tells memoQ how to read - import - a document that needs to be translated. When memoQ imports a document, it gets the text out of it, and stores the formatting (and everything else that doesn't need to be translated) in a safe place. The part that is not the text is called a skeleton.

When the translation is done, memoQ puts the translated text back in the original skeleton. This is how the translated document is produced.

A filter configuration tells memoQ what is the text that needs to be translated, what is a comment and the context of each part of the text. Occasionally, the filter configuration also tells memoQ how to put the translated text back into the skeleton.

Getting the filter configuration right is essential. It determines how much text you will have to work on; how many tags you need to deal with. Basically, it can mean a lot of money.

Creating a good filter configuration can be a lot of work. In many cases, you need to use regular expressions. When this happens, you need to save the filter configuration, so that you can use it again to import documents.

To edit a filter configuration, you need the Document import settings window. To fine-tune the filter configuration, use the Import with options command to add documents to your project.

Alternatively, you can use this window to edit a filter configuration, and save it.

How to get here

Open the Resource Console. Choose Filter configurations. In the list, click the filter configuration you want to edit. Under the list, click Edit.


What can you do?

Choose settings to import a specific type of file. A filter configuration specifies the type of document it's used for. The settings depend on the document type.

You get the same settings as in Document import settings.

For details, see the Document import settings window for each document type:

When you finish

To save the changes, and return to Resource Console: Click OK.

To use the filter configuration to import documents: Start importing a document. In the Document import settings window - in the Filter drop-down box -, choose the same document type. Then, in the Filter configuration drop-down box, choose this filter configuration.

To return to Resource Console: Click Cancel.