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Use Project management features:

how to set up an online project,

how to set up a local project (working with handoffs),

how to use track changes and version control,

and how to work in the different project types.


In the Project management topics, you find further information on:

the Manage projects dialog

how to create a project through the project wizard

managing meta-information

managing content-connected projects

managing online projects

managing local projects

carrying out automated steps

reassigning users from the Dashboard

archiving projects (moving them in the Recycle Bin)

renaming projects

projects on autopilot

wrapping up projects

creating projects as member of a light-weight PM group


Each of these sections contains further information on features to be used together with project management (workflow status, handoffs, project checkout, etc.)


See also:

Assigning LT users in memoQ online projects

Creating LT project within memoQ